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3D Laser Scanning

3D laser scanning is the rapid data capture of as-built structures, often structures that are complex and difficult to access. The scanning process is quick, unobtrusive, remote and highly accurate. A 3-dimensional model is immediately created into the on site computer and available for client use the next day.

Clear Benefits of Laser Scanning

  • Time and cost savings 
  • Complete geometry recorded
  • No scaffolding/access platforms required
  • Safe with no interference to client's normal site operations 
  • Confidence in accuracy

Brief Description of the On Site Process

The scanner is tripod mounted and orientated towards the structure requiring scanning. An internal camera displays the area to be scanned on the operator's notebook computer and the area for survey is delimited on the computer. Each scan can be completed in minutes, with multiple scans recorded combined inside the computer to build up an entire 3D model of the structure.  With the digital data successfully collected the user is offered unrivalled accuracy and detail for recording and design purposes..

The scanned data is collected in the form of dense point clouds with each measured point having a known X,Y,Z  position. Distances and directions can be measured point to point, from which structural and cross sectional plans can be generated. 3D models and computer fly through animation can also be generated.

This relatively new technology is particularly ideal for complex and difficult to reach structures, providing accurate and timely as-built surveys.  Typical business sectors that can benefit are;

Oil & Gas  ----  retrofit designs for oil refineries and power stations
Structural Surveys ---- complex geometrical shapes
Engineering Surveys ---- facade surveys
Architectural Surveys ---- elevation and plan drawings
Heritage/Conservation ---- full dimensional and image record

The scanner avoids costly and time delaying design interferences, accurate fabrication analysis and construction path planning.  If any on site dimension is required by the designer, there is no need for repeat survey works, the scan offers all dimensions recorded accurately and with total confidence.

3D Laser Scanning offers the client complete peace of mind that the entire structure has been accurately and totally recorded for all design and measurement purposes.

Outline Technical details

Laser Type                   Class II (Eye Safe)
Laser Spot Size             6mm from 0-50m
Accuracy                      +/- 4mm
Relative Accuracy          +/- 2mm between adjacent points
Lighting                         Operational in bright sunshine or complete darkness
Software                       Cyclone
Exportable Software       AutoCAD, Microstation



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